For a game changing collaboration that will positively impact the long-term development of the renewable industry in Mexico


Demonstrates an industry collaboration which brings together more than one organization, entity or company to develop new lines of innovation or significantly advance an existing area of renewable energy expertise

Demonstrates a positive social and/or economic impact in the industry

All collaboration partners demonstrate a high level of entrepreneurial spirit, leadership, perseverance, innovation, and commitment to the furthering the renewable energy industry


And the nominees are...


Array Technologies, Inc. & Shoals Technologies Group

Emerging and fast-growing PV markets can be prone to faulty installation and sub-standard equipment quality resulting in underperforming utility-scale PV assets and costly remediation for project owners. Two of North America’s most experienced PV power plant equipment providers have formed a collaboration to develop and deliver optimized balance-of-system (BOS) solutions for PV project developers and EPCs.    

Array Technologies and Shoals have more than 50 years of experience combined in supplying the solar sector with tracker systems and electrical BOS components. By bringing this wealth of experience together, the two companies can deliver optimized structural and electrical BOS solutions that will enhance project quality, facilitate installation, and deliver a reduction of project LCOE.     With a long track record in the North American utility scale PV market, and a global presence, Array and Shoals are ideally positioned to supply the Mexican PV market with highly competitive, reliable and easy-to-install PV systems.    

The collaboration between the two companies has yielded a number of technological improvements designed to allow for quick and fail-safe installation, along with increasing PV power plant yield. By bringing together R&D and engineering teams both in terms of structural BOS components, such as trackers, and electrical BOS components, the collaboration closes an important competency gap for project developers and EPCs.    

Array and Shoals share not only a wealth of utility scale PV experience, but a management and execution ethos that is geared towards high quality and common-sense problem solving. As two solar pioneers with a track record of innovation, the collaboration is set to deliver cutting edge and reliable solutions to the Mexican solar sector long into the future.   



Cubico Sustainable Investments & Alten R.E. Developments America

The Cubico Alten Solar PV Project consists of the design, construction, commissioning, and operation of two adjoining solar PV plants with a combined installed capacity of 350 MWp (Solem 1 with 180 MWp and Solem 2 with 170 MWp). The project is located in El Llano municipality, 30 km from the city of Aguascalientes, State of Aguascalientes, Mexico. It will connect to the Mexican national grid system via a 3.1 km 230 kV line through a dedicated substation located on the Project’s site. The Project was awarded three power purchase agreements (“PPAs”): a 15-year PPA for energy, a 15-year PPA for capacity and a 20-year PPA for clean energy certificates (“CELs”), in the second long-term power auction (“SLP 1-2016”) organized by the state market operator, Centro Nacional de Control de Energía (“CENACE”). The Project is being developed by Cubico Sustainable Investments Limited (Owned by the Canadian pension funds Ontario Teachers’ and PSP Investments) and Alten R.E. Developments America B.V. (Owned by the European company Alten Renewable Energy Developments, B.V. and Sojitz Corporation from Japan).   

1. This is the largest solar PV plant in Latin America 

2. Mexico started an ambitious energy reform in 2013 to diversify the energy matrix. The country needs to reduce its dependency on thermal energy (93% of the energy in Mexico comes from thermal). This is the first energy project to close after energy reform. The project sends a strong and positive signal to the market. 

3. The project will increase private sector participation and promote competition in the generation market. 

4. The project will diversify Mexico’s energy matrix towards cleaner sources by adding 350 MWp of solar generation capacity. 

5. The project will reduce the country’s carbon footprint by displacing greenhouse gas (“GHG”) emissions with the avoidance of approximately 340,000 tons of CO2 per year. 

6. The project has brought together a consortium of banks (Mexican development banks (Bancomext and Banobras), multilaterals (IFC and IDB Invest, which mobilized Canadian Climate Fund and the China Fund) and a commercial bank (MUFG)) to ensure successful financing.   

7. The project will help Mexico reach its target of 35% renewable energy generation by 2024.  



CPM Energía Solar, SMA & Tresvolt

CPM Solar with leading German technology partners SMA and Tesvolt completed first scalable Solar Lithium Ion Battery Back Up System in Mexico.  The Ayamonte Lithium Ion Solar Back Up Project is Mexico’s first scalable Solar-Battery Back Up System with Lithium Ion technology. The project, located in the city of Guadalajara uses four SMA Sunny Island inverters and a 50kwh Tesvolt Lithium Ion Battery bank, as well as an AC Coupled 12 KWp SMA powered Solar System.     The project's advantages include possible full independence of the Grid, Back Up function in case of Grid Failure, increased self-consumption for higher profitability, zero pollution and a scalability that allows to back up residential houses as well as whole factories or industrial sites. Furthermore, with this technology it is possible to shift loads and therefore reduce peaks during highest energy consumption. This can potentially lead to significant energy savings for high energy consumers with tariffs such as OM and HM among others.