For a business or organisation from the corporate, commercial or industrial sector that has developed a sustainable energy strategy within their organisation


Demonstrates a direct effort to reduce the environmental impact of their business operations

Operates through a consistent culture of sustainability to improve the benefits of their product or service to their customers

Demonstrates a positive environmental impact in the industry or reduction in energy usage of overall operations

And the nominees are...




Grupo Bimbo es una de las primeras empresas en aprovechar el esquema de generación distribuida, al instalar paneles solares en techos en diversos sitios, demostrando que los beneficios de hacerlo son económicos, sociales y ambientales= sustentables... Adicionalmente es de las primeras empresas en demostrar los beneficios de la energía renovable al combinar diferentes estrategias, contrato legado eólico, generación distribuida, PPA, etc. además de llevar esta estrategia a nivel global para ser renovable en las 32 geografías en las que tiene presencia. 



In 2017 BMW started construction of the first automotive plant in Mexico that will be 100% solar powered. The plant, in San Luis Potosí state, will have 71,000 square meters of solar panels, furnished into the plant's structure as part of an innovation plan to create one of the most technologically advanced manufacturing sites in Mexico. The vice president of the San Luis Potosí project is Raymond Wittmann. 



AB-InBev produces some of the world's biggest beer brands, including Budweiser, Corona and Brahma
The Belgium-headquartered firm hopes to power its global operations from renewable sources by 2025.
It said approximately 75-85% of its power will be sourced through power purchase agreements (PPAs) with the remaining 15-25% being provided by on-site production.
The group will also join the RE100 initiative where some of the world's largest companies have committed to the 100% goal.

To begin with, AB-InBev has signed a PPA with developer and utility Iberdrola in Mexico. Iberdrola will provide 490GWh of renewable electricity a year to AB-InBev. The deal will allow Iberdrola to build 220MW of new wind capacity in Puebla, central Mexico.