For a company, organization or collective that has developed a building-integrated, on-site or stand-alone project located in Mexico that has pushed the boundaries of excellence in the renewable/clean energy industry


Demonstrates excellence and ingenuity in engineering with appropriate regard to sustainability and environmental issues

Makes use of innovative technology and encourages the incorporation of local content in all parts of the project design, execution and/or operation

Demonstrates excellence in adhering to project schedule and budget providing good value/cost-savings for the end-user, client or customer

And the nominees are...



Reynosa Wind Farm - Zuma Energía

Zuma Energía has become the leading Mexican independent power producer in the renewable sector. The company has an 800 MW portfolio of wind and solar projects after successfully competing in auctions and reaching financing with development and commercial banks. The company is now constructing the largest wind farm in Mexico with 424 MW and two solar projects in the north of the country with a combined capacity of 337 MW. In the states where the projects are being developed, the company has established a social investment plan to benefit local communities. Also, Zuma´s projects will contribute to Mexico´s efforts to comply with its clean energy targets by generating clean energy and Clean Energy Certificates and the mitigation of millions of tons of CO2 per year.  


Ayamonte Project - CPM Energía Solar

CPM Solar with leading German technology partners SMA and Tesvolt completed first scalable Solar Lithium Ion Battery Back Up System in Mexico.  The Ayamonte Lithium Ion Solar Back Up Project is Mexico’s first scalable Solar-Battery Back Up System with Lithium Ion technology. The project, located in the city of Guadalajara uses four SMA Sunny Island inverters and a 50kwh Tesvolt Lithium Ion Battery bank, as well as an AC Coupled 12 KWp SMA powered Solar System.     The project's advantages include possible full independence of the Grid, Back Up function in case of Grid Failure, increased self-consumption for higher profitability, zero pollution and a scalability that allows to back up residential houses as well as whole factories or industrial sites. Furthermore, with this technology it is possible to shift loads and therefore reduce peaks during highest energy consumption. This can potentially lead to significant energy savings for high energy consumers with tariffs such as OM and HM among others.  



Villanueva PV Plant - Enel Green Power

Enel Green Power’s Villanueva PV project will be the largest in the Americas upon completion. The project has followed a digital approach to the construction of a huge project to save time and money whilst minimising accidents. The project is an example of solar done right with flora relocation and shows a new benchmark in how to produce electricity. This deserves to be recognised not only in Mexico but globally as a landmark best practice approach to solar construction.